Andoer Battery Grip with Micro USB Charging FREE Delivery

Andoer Battery Grip Introduction

Shooting time literally flies, and we can never get enough of shooting our perfect moments. One would always long for prolong shooting time, and only Andoer Battery Grip vertical for Sony A6300 ILDC camera can make it possible. This Andoer Battery Grip is designed especially for Sony A6300.  It has the ability to hold one or two NP-FW50 batteries to prolong your shooting time. It also supports remote control and micro USB charge options in order to satisfy your needs in a better way. With Andoer Battery Grip, you can certainly extend your shooting time while cherishing and capturing your perfect and spontaneous moments.


Andoer Battery Grip Features

It has been made for Sony A6300 Mirror less camera. It tends to prolong the working time of your camera while you shoot as it can hold one or two NP-FW50 batteries. This exclusive feature of Andoer Battery Grip BG-3FIR makes your perfect times even more perfect. The Andoer Battery Grip comes with wired controlled shutter-release button option for shooting effectively in a vertical position, and the Andoer Battery Grip supports remote control with the IR control, so you can easily control the camera shutter. Its built-in micro USB port allows you to easily charge your battery via the grip. Plus, the Andoer Battery Grip is coated with excellent anti-slip rubber, bringing you perfect experience. These exclusive features are not found in any other such gadget. The Andoer Battery Grip was created by keeping in mind the user preferences because it aims to provide value and pleasure to its customers. Battery grip comes along with a cable, an IR Control and a user Manual (English). Though, it does not encompass camera and battery.

Andoer Andoer

Andoer Battery Grip Final Words

The Battery Grip is equipped with all these distinctive features to make your shooting time a complete pleasure. As Andoer BG-3FIR extends the time while you shoot, many people would prefer to buy the Battery Grip. It totally aims to provide utmost value and quality to its customers. Those who will buy or order the Andoer Battery Grip will genuinely result in increasing their shooting time because more shooting time means more fun.


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