Anti Shake Camera Amkov® 24MP 16X Digital Zoom Waterproof

Anti Shake Camera Amkov® Why you need one 

Anti shake cameras, or also called as action cams, can do special things that traditional video cameras cannot achieve. Technological advanced features cover capturing footage in continuous movements. Such kind of features would be brilliant for surfer, skydiver, or if you were a climbing lover.

Generally anti shake camera modes are much tougher than traditional digital cameras. Even in the case of submerged, some rally good quality anti shake cameras could still be able to operates well. What’s more, the waterproof case of each anti shake camera could prevent water drop or dust from cam main body much more efficient than traditional cams. Actions ones also have much wider angle of view so enable you to shot outdoor sport activities all in one screen.

For current anti shake cameras in the smart electrics field, different brands have various focuses for technological features: like battery capacity  (in mAh), angle of view, camera or video resolution, storage (whether there is a integrated shorage), or connectivity ( Wi-Fi or HDMI output connection). Also, appearance design seems to be a must-consider factor for most of buyers. Some enterprises may also provide good consumer services includes free shipping.

Anti Shake Camera

Anti Shake Camera Amkov® Features Spotlights

Well, for this Amkov anti shake camera, the top two outstanding features are: 24MP camera resolution and up to 16x digital zoom. Actually many of famous anti shake camera brands in the action cameras only have around 10 or 15 MP camera resolutions, such as 12MP from GoPro HERO4 series, 13MP from Sony Action AS100V series, 11MP from SJCAM SJ4000 series, or 14MP from Kodak Pixpro SP1 modes. For digital zoom this Amkov anti shake camera can reach up to 16x. Based on my anti shake camera testing experiences, normally cams have less than 10x digital zoom., like Andoer®, SJCAM that usually have 4x, or Drift Innovations Ghost-S, which has 10x digital zoom.

Anti Shake Camera

We could see many different function buttons on the main body of the Amkov anti shake camera. On the top is the switch button and shutter; A macro shooting button is at the left hand side of the anti shake camera; Zoom in and out buttons, and the one for menu are on the back side of the screen. Some other good advantages for this Amkov anti shake camera include: 1080p video resolution, 30 frames per second, dustproof and FREE shipping benefits. Two colors are available for choices. Overall the price for original version is $69.99.

Anti Shake Camera

Anti Shake Camera

Package List

1 * Amkov Digital Camera
1 * USB Cable
1 * Carrying Bag
1 * Handstrap
1 * User Manual in English

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