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Budget Video DV ORDRO® 1080p 24MP Camera Fill-in Light $55

Budget Video DV ORDRO® Introduction

You may feel confused to pick your favorite video DV from lots of brands currently in the video DV market. However, things could be easier if you mainly focused on basic functions, technological features, and of course the selling price for original video DV. For those professional camcorder players, like film recorder or photographers, famous brands like Canon or Sony may met such needs. In contrast for budget friendly and all round video DV for family or personal daily life usage, you don’t have to only target on famous ones, younger brands like Andoer or ORDRO could also be well options.

Budget Video DV

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Waterproof Action Camera Andoer® 4K Camera 30m $ 35

Waterproof Action Camera Andoer® Introduction

The brand Andoer is a young enterprise known as for smart electrics productions such as digital camcorders or waterproof action cameras. Normally this brand has really low average price level, which is just around $ 50 I guess. However, they did offer products with some high quality technological features just like many other famous brands in the same field. Hence Andoer seems to be a great choice for budget price level and beginner level users.

In the year 2015 and 2016 Andoer has released a series of new action camera models, like its well-known Ultra-HD type cameras. Here in this article we gonna introduce and discuss these new types one by one to you.

Waterproof Action Camera Andoer® W9B

Perhaps the W9B action camera model is the cheapest Andoer action camera I could found on the market ( if did not consider those tiny mini ones). Although the price is only $ 34, it has a resolution of 1080p with 30 fps. The camera resolution is also good. You could max. it up to 12MP if with the help of additional softwares or apps. Also this action camera model passed shockproof and dustproof tests. However, the W9B waterproof action camera has no remote controller, or a remote control watch or some kind of thing. Actually that’s not wonder for such a low $ 34 price.

Waterproof Action Camera

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Shockproof Camera AMKOV® AMK5000S 20MP WiFi $65

Shockproof Camera AMKOV® AMK5000S Introduction

The brand AMKOV is another budget friendly I have found so far in the digital action camera market. In fact AMKOV is quite new to the action camera market, and the company just lunched their official website recently. Like other action camera brands Andoer® or SJCAM®, AMKOV also consider shockproof, dustproof and waterproof tests as highly important. Today we gonna focus on the AMK5000S Shockproof Camera model of the AMKOV brand.

Shockproof Camera

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Anti Shake Camera Amkov® 24MP 16X Digital Zoom Waterproof

Anti Shake Camera Amkov® Why you need one 

Anti shake cameras, or also called as action cams, can do special things that traditional video cameras cannot achieve. Technological advanced features cover capturing footage in continuous movements. Such kind of features would be brilliant for surfer, skydiver, or if you were a climbing lover.

Generally anti shake camera modes are much tougher than traditional digital cameras. Even in the case of submerged, some rally good quality anti shake cameras could still be able to operates well. What’s more, the waterproof case of each anti shake camera could prevent water drop or dust from cam main body much more efficient than traditional cams. Actions ones also have much wider angle of view so enable you to shot outdoor sport activities all in one screen.

For current anti shake cameras in the smart electrics field, different brands have various focuses for technological features: like battery capacity  (in mAh), angle of view, camera or video resolution, storage (whether there is a integrated shorage), or connectivity ( Wi-Fi or HDMI output connection). Also, appearance design seems to be a must-consider factor for most of buyers. Some enterprises may also provide good consumer services includes free shipping.

Anti Shake Camera

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Sports HD Camera

Sports HD Camera Amkov AMK7000S 1080P HD 20MP Waterproof

Sports HD Camera Product Introduction

With this Amkov AMK7000S Action Camera in hand, you would be able to take many beautiful, dynamic pictures when diving or surfing. Occasionally, I noticed the newly-released AMK7000S when I was on the internet, knowing that Amkov is a leading Chinese enterprise in camera industry, and the company has 15 years experience in production. After making a through study of this AMK7000S, all I want to say is it’s great value for the money. It has mini size(59 x 41 x 21mm) ,light weight and metal materials (plastic materials in the market has poor heat dissipation). GOPRO hero 3 can be mounted on helmet, bike, car windshield, and other similar objects with the suction cup mount, handlebar mount and helmet mount. So it is really very easy to use and carry.

Sports HD Camera

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Mini action camera A7 HD 720P Sport DV

Someone says: every separation is for the next reunion, but most of the time the fact is that you may never meet each other after losing it. This is also the reason why I need a nice and practical camera. After trying so many cameras, I must say this mini action camera is actually stands out of there. I got a blue one because myself is a big fan of blue color personally. I find this mini action camera is excellent!
Mini action camera

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Mini action cam 1080p Photo Great Outdoor Fun

Human potential is unlimited; the human brain is clever. Aerial photography, outdoor photography and underwater photography, all made it, but it cost too much money. Now, as for this Mini Action Cam, the price is amazingly low, but the quality is great!

We can see that this Mini Action Cam’s appearance is small and light, It has a quality fisheye lens with outstanding image quality and minimum fisheye distortion. Good low-light performance as well with  motion scene from 1080p-30 fps video to 720p-30 fps video. You can check out video samples on the Internet.
Mini Action Cam

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SJCAM Action Camera WiFi 30M Waterproof 1080P

SJCAM Action Camera Introduction

The first time that I had known about action camera is when I was still an undergraduate in Xi’an, Northwest of China. Ever since, I has been fascinated by this thing to capture some wonderful moments whenever I travel or just go for a ride with my roommates. As a outdoor lover, you know, it’s a real pity that you missed such great shots.

SJCAM Action Camera

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FHD 1080P Touch Screen Sports Action Camera

Hello, everyone! Today, I’m going to recommend a cool camera to you, if  you like photography, you must look at here. If you are also an outdoor enthusiasts. This FHD 1080P Touch Screen Sports Action Camera would be your best choice. Below I will give a detail introduction of this camera.

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