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Andoer Battery Grip with Micro USB Charging FREE Delivery

Andoer Battery Grip Introduction

Shooting time literally flies, and we can never get enough of shooting our perfect moments. One would always long for prolong shooting time, and only Andoer Battery Grip vertical for Sony A6300 ILDC camera can make it possible. This Andoer Battery Grip is designed especially for Sony A6300.  It has the ability to hold one or two NP-FW50 batteries to prolong your shooting time. It also supports remote control and micro USB charge options in order to satisfy your needs in a better way. With Andoer Battery Grip, you can certainly extend your shooting time while cherishing and capturing your perfect and spontaneous moments.


Andoer Battery Grip Features

It has been made for Sony A6300 Mirror less camera. It tends to prolong the working time of your camera while you shoot as it can hold one or two NP-FW50 batteries. This exclusive feature of Andoer Battery Grip BG-3FIR makes your perfect times even more perfect. The Andoer Battery Grip comes with wired controlled shutter-release button option for shooting effectively in a vertical position, and the Andoer Battery Grip supports remote control with the IR control, so you can easily control the camera shutter. Its built-in micro USB port allows you to easily charge your battery via the grip. Plus, the Andoer Battery Grip is coated with excellent anti-slip rubber, bringing you perfect experience. These exclusive features are not found in any other such gadget. The Andoer Battery Grip was created by keeping in mind the user preferences because it aims to provide value and pleasure to its customers. Battery grip comes along with a cable, an IR Control and a user Manual (English). Though, it does not encompass camera and battery.

Andoer Andoer

Andoer Battery Grip Final Words

The Battery Grip is equipped with all these distinctive features to make your shooting time a complete pleasure. As Andoer BG-3FIR extends the time while you shoot, many people would prefer to buy the Battery Grip. It totally aims to provide utmost value and quality to its customers. Those who will buy or order the Andoer Battery Grip will genuinely result in increasing their shooting time because more shooting time means more fun.


Photo studio LED 160W 8000k with Barn Door Global Delivery

Photo studio LED Overview

In this world of “constant photo sharing,” we want to preserve, share and cherish extra special moments of our lives with professional and alluring touch, and to click such professional moments, we need professional and suitable surroundings and lighting conditions. Therefore, in order to provide such perfect lighting conditions and surroundings, we have got to use FalconEyes CLL-1600TDX photo studio LED spotlight photography studio video light with barn door CRI95 for our professional and matchless snaps and videos. With its adjustable brightness and adjustable focus, we can get our desired professional pictures and recordings. This photo studio LED is also very beneficial to make professional portraits.

photo studio LED

photo studio LED

Photo studio LED Testing & Features

Unlike other photo studio LED, the photo studio LED has many such features which make it distinctive. The photo studio LED is equipped with DMX512 system and a touchable LCD screen which shows temperature of the LED light, current color temperature and power output. These features are not found in other photo studio LEDs. To avoid overheating, the light has temperature monitoring function to avoid LEDs from overheating. In addition, there is a silent fan equipped for better heat dissipation, and to augment LED’s lifespan. With power output of 160W, changeable brightness, changeable focus (25-60°), high CRI (≥95Ra), the brightness and the color temperature(3000K-8000K) can be easily adjusted through LCD touch screen where a menu appears. CLL-1600TDX is exemplary for professional studio use as it is an essential assistant for video recording, movie making, portrait photography and much more.

photo studio LED

photo studio LED

Photo studio LED Final Words

The photo LED has both manual and touch modes, making it a lot easier for you to capture professional pictures and videos. The temperature monitoring function of the photo studio LED automatically turns off when temperature exceeds 70℃. CLL-1600TDX comes along with a power cable (US plug), a barn door, a black-out cloth and an instruction manual (English-Chinese Bilingual). With all its ideal features, the photo studio LED is all geared up to create professional photographs, portraits and recordings. Those who intend to buy the photo studio LED will definitely end up capturing professional and alluring shots.


LED Ring Portable Self-Portrait for Smartphone FREE Delivery

LED Ring Overview

Light, whether natural or artificial, is one of the most mandatory essentials of our lives. It has played the most astonishing part in connecting the world. Light is basically the essence of our lives, and we can do nothing without it. Today, we are going through energy crisis, so it is important to have portable lights in order to prevent our moments from being spoiled. In assistance to this, Portable Clip-on Mini LED Ring selfie self-portrait supplementary fill-in lighting light for various smartphones is there to help us. It provides a perfect fill-in light for your phone, and can greatly serve you in hours of emergency or need. Nothing is possible without light; indeed we need light to carry our daily tasks. For such purposes, these mini LED rings can suffice us in various ways.

LED Ring

LED Ring Hands on & Features

These 36pcs LED beads tend to provide an optimum fill-in light so that you can perform your activities without any unwanted hurdles. It comes with three lighting modes: High, middle and low while serving you in your different situations. Due to these different modes, you can use the light according to your needs. This mini LED ring is suitable for many smartphones including iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, Samsung Note, for Huawei phones, for Blackberry and other phones. Its clip-on design is extremely convenient for you to use. As mentioned already, these Mini LED rings serves for several purposes including continuous LED light for daily lighting, temporary lighting, emergency lighting or signal lights when camping. It comes along with a built-in lithium battery, a USB cable for charging and a storage bag for convenient carry is also included.

LED Ring

LED Ring Final Words

This mini LED ring can brighten your dull and dark moments, and can help you to carry on your particular activities. Therefore, people, who will consider purchasing this mini LED ring, will definitely do themselves a favor.


Lithium Battery 1400mAh $4 for Camera Global Delivery

Lithium Battery Overview

Since we belong to a digital world, we are overcrowded with electronic gadgets; we tend to depend on them more often. Today, our lives are totally dependent on these devices because they keep us acquainted to the entire world, and enable us to socialize. It is really important for us to be connected with these gadgets as they are important elements of our lives. Camera is certainly one of the most important devices for us as the lithium battery allows us to share and capture our precious moments. Therefore, we want to ensure longer battery lives and durability of our cameras. As an aid to this problem, AZ16-1 Li-Ion Lithium Battery 1400mAh 3.85V for Xiaomi Yi action sport camera is there to help us. With its high capacity of up to 1400mAh, the lithium battery supports extended usage. Our cameras encompass our valuable memories, and we want them to be secured, therefore this battery provides overheat protection and overcharge protection.

lithium battery

Lithium Battery Specifications

Due to its high quality design, the lithium battery is more durable. With a camera battery that is durable and supports longer usage, we can cherish our moments and capture them in a perfect way. Unlike other batteries, its specifications are more useful. Due to its higher capacity of 1400mAh, the lithium battery can capture more photos and works longer than other such batteries. This lithium battery has a perfect size of 3.5 * 3.5 * 1cm / 1.4 * 1.4 * 0.4in to fit easily in your Xiaomi Yi action sport camera. The lithium battery weighs about 25g / 0.9oz while ensuring not to over weigh your camera. Also, the battery has an efficient package size of 4.8 * 4.3 * 1.4cm / 1.9 * 1.7 * 0.6in, and package weight of 28g / 1.0oz to provide better performance.

lithium battery

Lithium Battery Final Words

Because of its matchless capacity and other efficient specifications, it tends to provide more power. People, who will make a purchase of this lithium battery, will definitely treat their Xiaomi Yi action sport cameras, and will definitely result in longer camera usage.


Lightweight Tripod Portable Universal Mount FREE Delivery

Lightweight Tripod Features Overview

In this era of technology, we are bombarded with various gadgets to satisfy our photography needs, but it is important to determine which gadget provides maximum benefit in terms of photography. Therefore, Yunteng VCT-520RM Portable Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Tripod is there to assist you for your perfect and immaculate photographs. This lightweight tripod comes along with universal smartphone mount for your Sony ILDC Digital Camera. Unlike other tripods, this lightweight tripod is made of high quality aluminum alloy which is effectively lightweight and durable as it does not compromise on your comfort. In addition, it is certainly favorable for your outdoor photography. Its 360° adjustable shooting angle can fit your needs better. The plus point is that the lightweight tripod also supports for 90° vertical shooting. The lightweight tripod provides such options for you, which are ideal for smartphones, digital cameras, ILDC and many more.

lightweight tripod

Lightweight Tripod Testing

This lightweight tripod is also exemplary for taking self-portraits. Also, the lightweight tripod has the capacity to bear maximum load of 1.5KG. Furthermore, its anti-skid rubber plate comes with 1/4″ screw in order to mount your camera/phone more stably while ensuring good quality pictures. The three sections of its aluminum alloy legs can reach maximum length of 120cm. Therefore, allowing you to capture best-focused pictures. The lightweight tripod has such lightweight and compact design that when folded reduces its length to only 43cm, and this makes it easy to handle. The lightweight tripod is equipped with non-slip rubber feet to restrict sliding and to maintain perfect balance. This feature of the tripod makes it appropriate to shoot even in humid weather conditions. Most substantially, the lightweight tripod comes along with a carrying bag, making it easy for you to carry the tripod anywhere you want to, and you can also store the tripod easily in the bag.

lightweight tripod

lightweight tripod

Lightweight Tripod Final Words

Hence, this tripod makes it optimal for you to shoot with your cameras and phones, and it tends to provide you maximum comfort while capturing photographs. So those who will buy this lightweight and easy to carry tripod, will definitely pleasure themselves with pristine photographs, which they can later use to reminisce their perfect moments.



VR len Metal Tripod Collar Mount Ring FREE Delivery Warranty

VR len The reason to have one

Anybody who has had any sort of experience with professional and industry-grade cameras and other shooting equipment would have a very clear idea about how heavy those things can be. So unless you have any sort of previous experience with weight lifting, you are destined to drop all these heavy things. However, life does not always need to be that difficult. With the help of VR len, you will be able to ease up the burden on your shoulders to a pretty large extent. Upon doing that, you will also notice hoe everything around you becomes more lively and cheerful. This is because you would not constantly need to worry or dread about the next time you would have to pick up the heavy stuffs. Therefore, if you are planning on buying a good quality VR len anytime soon and are confused about which one to get, there is nothing to worry about. We have sorted you out regarding that. Just read on below to know more about it.

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Video Light 5500K/3200K 300pcs LED Beads Global Delivery

Video Light Features Hands on Testing

When it comes to shooting projects, you would always need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment in place. Not only that, but it is also important that it be of a good quality. This is because if the equipment is not of a standard quality, then the outcome would also be pretty sub-standard. Now this is something which nobody would like for their projects. Therefore, if you are looking for a very good quality panel, you must have understood how difficult it could be to find one. Not only that, but you also find them to be beyond your price range. This might be enough to put you in a panic mode. In reality, it does not need to be like that. If you are looking for a good quality video light panel, read on below.

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Studio Lighting 5600K 100W LED Fill-in Light Lamp Warranty

Studio Lighting Overview

In terms of studio lighting lights, there would be very few good quality ones that you would be able to find, let alone the high quality ones. Even if you manage to find something of a pretty decent quality, the prices would be listed as being atrociously high. This would be enough to put you off from buying studio lighting.

However, the thing is that it does not always need to be like that. If you search hard enough, you would easily be able to come across some of the best studio lighting lights. Manufactured specifically for one purpose, you would find them to fulfil their job very properly. In addition, these are also some of the most durable things that you would be able to find. That being said, there would be very little scope for you to complain.

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