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Lightweight Tripod Portable Universal Mount FREE Delivery

Lightweight Tripod Features Overview

In this era of technology, we are bombarded with various gadgets to satisfy our photography needs, but it is important to determine which gadget provides maximum benefit in terms of photography. Therefore, Yunteng VCT-520RM Portable Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Tripod is there to assist you for your perfect and immaculate photographs. This lightweight tripod comes along with universal smartphone mount for your Sony ILDC Digital Camera. Unlike other tripods, this lightweight tripod is made of high quality aluminum alloy which is effectively lightweight and durable as it does not compromise on your comfort. In addition, it is certainly favorable for your outdoor photography. Its 360° adjustable shooting angle can fit your needs better. The plus point is that the lightweight tripod also supports for 90° vertical shooting. The lightweight tripod provides such options for you, which are ideal for smartphones, digital cameras, ILDC and many more.

lightweight tripod

Lightweight Tripod Testing

This lightweight tripod is also exemplary for taking self-portraits. Also, the lightweight tripod has the capacity to bear maximum load of 1.5KG. Furthermore, its anti-skid rubber plate comes with 1/4″ screw in order to mount your camera/phone more stably while ensuring good quality pictures. The three sections of its aluminum alloy legs can reach maximum length of 120cm. Therefore, allowing you to capture best-focused pictures. The lightweight tripod has such lightweight and compact design that when folded reduces its length to only 43cm, and this makes it easy to handle. The lightweight tripod is equipped with non-slip rubber feet to restrict sliding and to maintain perfect balance. This feature of the tripod makes it appropriate to shoot even in humid weather conditions. Most substantially, the lightweight tripod comes along with a carrying bag, making it easy for you to carry the tripod anywhere you want to, and you can also store the tripod easily in the bag.

lightweight tripod

lightweight tripod

Lightweight Tripod Final Words

Hence, this tripod makes it optimal for you to shoot with your cameras and phones, and it tends to provide you maximum comfort while capturing photographs. So those who will buy this lightweight and easy to carry tripod, will definitely pleasure themselves with pristine photographs, which they can later use to reminisce their perfect moments.



Camera Camcorder Andoer® D100 Video Shoulder FREE Delivery

Camera Camcorder Andoer® Shoulder Overview

Videography is a booming business with all companies focusing on how to get the best videos either for entertainment purposes or for pushing their brands. A good video doesn’t only depend on the camera that you used to record it. The comfortability of the camera man and the equipment he uses to balance the camera matters a lot too. If you are recording a video, this means movements will be rampant during the shoot. You will have to position yourself and the camera in a way that you can quickly move with the movements of the cast according to the set. Having support for you camera camcorder comes in handy when you are shooting for long periods.

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Handle Grip 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Steady Camera Stabilizer

Handle Grip Overview

Taking pictures never got any better and easier if you had a handle grip. It is very easy to take a photo with a steady camera than with a shaking one. The quality of the picture matters a lot, and if you took the photo with a steady camera, it is even better. You might have wanted to take a picture, but the best angle just seems without reach or very hard to maintain. This is a problem that is avoided with the 3-Axis handheld gimbal. It helps you take high-quality videos and photos at different angles.

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