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Feiyu Pocket Review 2020

Feiyu company launched a mobile phone holder to work with Feiyu Pocket Camera in this time, and add the Feiyu mini tripod to achieve a fixed camera position. By sliding up and down, left and right on the 1.3-inch touch screen of the fuselage, you can perform system setting, pan tilt setting, shooting mode switching, and image review. There are abundant setting options. Basically, most of the parameter adjustment needs for daily shooting can be done directly on the camera.


We can also manually adjust the tilt axis of the lens through the touch screen, but also because the screen is too small and the fingers are too thick, it is easy to touch by mistake. If you want to further control the PTZ manually, you need to connect to the mobile app. Long press the record button on the handle to start the camera Wi-Fi, download the Feiyu Cam App and connect it to use. Since the mobile phone and the camera are directly connected, we do not need to have a wireless network environment, and we can easily access it outdoors.

It is strongly recommended that users buy it together with Feiyu Pocket Camera’s special mobile phone holder and a mini tripod. The phone holder can easily hold the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the tripod can be turned into an extension pole directly when it is closed, which is very practical.

Thanks to the large screen of the mobile phone, the composition of the shot are easier, and it is more convenient to import and share the shots. The products of Feiyu company, in terms of hardware, AK2000, Smooth 4, Vimble 2, Ricca, G6 Max, and the current Feiyu Pocket Camera have nothing to say from the material to the workmanship, but the App application of Feiyu Pocket Camera is a bit crude, and I hope Feiyu can follow Strengthen software development and make the interface of APP more beautiful. Feiyu Cam App is only an auxiliary for the pocket gimbal camera and has little effect on the core of shooting.

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