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Michael Reichmann, the famous photographer, died of cancer at 71 years old on 19th May, 2016. Michael Reichmann was the founder of the well known website ” Lumious Landscape“, and he provides huge inspiration and professional guides about landscape photography to young generations and photo shooting players. Michael Reichmann also launched the “Luminous Endowment” institution to assist photographers and their career projects all over the world in terms of financial aspects.

Michael Reichmann

Michael Reichmann was born in England, and graduated from a university in Canada. At the beginning, Michael Reichmann was worked for a commercial studio and then turned to be a medical photographer in a teaching hospital in Montreal. Around his middel 60’s, he found a position as a photographer for the CBC ( Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ) in Toronto. Michael Reichmann then became a product manager for equipment distributors and meanwhile a teacher for photo shooting technique at community colleges in Canada.

Michael Reichmann

Michael Reichmann got inspirations from motion picture sector as well as landscape nature view in Canada. His photos was rewarded as collection of the national film board of Canada. During his job in software industries, Michael Reichmann wrote a great number of reviews for professional photography magazines. Some worldwide conferences invited him to be the speaker on the subjects of telecom, photo shooting, software business and so on.

Michael Reichmann

After retired from business field, Michael Reichmann created the Lumious Landscape site in the year 1999 and so far the site has attracted monthly over 1 million readers worldwide. The year 2014 was includes many big moments of Michael Reichmann since he set up the non-business institution Luminous Endowment, and also published the book A Twenty Year Retrospective to cover all his lifetime works.

Michael Reichmann

You may interested in what kind of photography equipment Michael Reichmann would use. Here are two suggestions: the Pentax 645z and Sony A7r. For the former one it has great high quality resolution sensors and good ISO capability. For the latter one it has good megapixels image resolution.

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