Photo Frame Digital LED HD Remote Control FREE Delivery

Photo Frame Technological Features

This is an invention like no other. Imagine having a slideshow of your best pictures in your photo frame. You can easily choose your best photos and display them on this digital photo frame on a slideshow. The photo frame can be a very romantic gift for your lover as a valentine’s gift. This is a 10″ LED Digital Photo Frame with a high resolution of 1024*600 LED display and support remote control. The color of the digital photo frame is brown giving a false idea that it is a natural wooden picture frame.

photo frame

This is a digital photo frame like no other. It supports autoplay of music, videos, and photos. It can play music while the slideshow of your favorite photos is going on the display. It has effectively built in speakers which will give you good audio when playing a video or music. It is neither annoyingly loud or extremely small volumes. If you want to connect it to a louder speaker, it has a 3.5mm output jack. It also has two USB connections for the regular USB and the mini USB.

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Photo Frame Hands on

If you want this digital photo frame to stand on your desktop in your office or on your small table at home, it has a stand to support it. The photo frame has an exquisite look making it an ideal centerpiece for your home office or business place. It is compatible with Acc/ape/mpc/ogg/mp3/wav audio formats. It is also compatible with avi/flv/mov/mp4/mpg/rmvb/vob/webm video formats. These accommodate almost all of the video and audio formats that there are to play. It has an AC power adapter with an adapter input of AC 110 – 240V. The photo frame comes with English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Finnish operational languages. It is a lightweight device weighing 490 grams only. It supports memory card of up to 32 GB.

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Photo Frame Package & Final Thoughts

It comes packaged as a digital photo frame, a frame stand, a remote control and a power adapter. This is the ultimate device for your home, office or business place. It will display your custom select pictures while playing a song. Consider acquiring this device and you will enjoy every time you take a look at it. You can even pause, play or fast forward a video while you are at a distance. This is convenience at its best.


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