Shockproof Camera AMKOV® AMK5000S 20MP WiFi $65

Shockproof Camera AMKOV® AMK5000S Introduction

The brand AMKOV is another budget friendly I have found so far in the digital action camera market. In fact AMKOV is quite new to the action camera market, and the company just lunched their official website recently. Like other action camera brands Andoer® or SJCAM®, AMKOV also consider shockproof, dustproof and waterproof tests as highly important. Today we gonna focus on the AMK5000S Shockproof Camera model of the AMKOV brand.

Shockproof Camera

Shockproof Camera AMKOV® AMK5000S Technological Basics

AMK5000S Shockproof Camera model has 1080p video resolution with up to 30 fps display quality, and up to 20MP for camera resolution. For connectivity this Shockproof Camera model can be accessed to HDMI and WiFi environment, and for USB type is 2.0. Its screen size is 2 inches. The digital zoom is 4x. Remote controller is not designed for this model. Overall the item weight around 80g and three color options are available to buyers. The angle can be up to 170 degrees of angle. Battery capacity is 1150 mAh and storage can be reached a maximum of 64GB. The waterproof depth is a 30m maximum.

Shockproof Camera

Shockproof Camera AMKOV® AMK5000S Using Experience

Shockproof Camera AMK5000S vs AMK5000

Compared to the previous version of the AMKOV AMK series, AMK5000S Shockproof Camera has much better camera resolution, which is 20MP, and predecessor than AMK5000 model. Alao AMK5000S Shockproof Camera adds TV output connectivity mode, and such feature would great benefit those players who love RC multi-copters and areal photography.

Shockproof Camera AMK5000S Package

The one I received for using test includes many additional accessories for the AMKOV AMK5000S shockproof camera: waterproof case, USB Cable, bandage, helmet base and so on. If you checked inside the box, you could see logo of AMKOV 5000 at the back side of battery door. Compared to some SJCAM brand cameras, this AMK5000S Shockproof Camera has a little smaller package box.

You could refer to the full package list below:

1 * AMK5000S Shockproof Camera
1 * Waterproof Case
1 * J-shaped Mount Base
1 * USB Cable
2 * Ribbon
1 * Bandage
1 * Camera Bracket
2 * Helmet Base
1 * Battery
2 * Switch Support
1 * User Manual in French and English

Shockproof Camera AMK5000S Appearance

Basically the AMK5000S shockproof camera looks similar to GoPro brand action camera in terms of its main body design. You may feel a little panic to see lots of buttons on every side of the camera, but you don’t have to worry about that since we found all these buttons have their quick access to specific functions. Examples includes buttons for WiFi, LCD, Charging indicator, Lens, HDMI connectivity, Battery Power and so on.

Shockproof Camera AMK5000S Connectivity

You could download the AMK-icam App ( you could found it on Google Play) on your smartphone or other smart electrics to connect with your AMKOV 5000S Shockproof camera in WiFi environment. Connection options cover Android and iOS systems. When we moving the shockproof camera, we noticed quick WiFi connection between the camera and our AMK-icam App. Overall such app setting process is easy to follow. Once finished recording or photo shooting, just slip out your micro SD card to insert your other devices.

Shockproof Camera AMK5000S Video & Camera Display

Users could choose the 1080p or 720p display option. For 1080p the fps is 30, whereas for 720p the fps can be up to 60. Overall the 30 fps video display and focus seems really good during our test. Vibrant colors were shown in video mode, and for shadowed mode the LCD light also operates good. Its 20MP camera resolution are similar to the latest Samsung Galaxy series. This Shockproof camera also based on FPV ( first personal view).  You could edit your videos by using windows movie maker.

Shockproof Camera AMK5000S Battery

The 1150 mAh battery capacity can hold for about 150 minutes usage, which is close to some well-known brands like Sony AS20 model.

Shockproof Camera AMK5000S Waterproof Feature

The waterproof depth is 30m for this AMK5000S shockproof camera. You may not often dive into sea with 30m depth to check things around you, but a waterproof one really helps you a lot if you go shooting in the case of rain. So you could just put on a raincoat ( without a annoying umbrella ) and take a waterproof camera to go out for rainy days.

Shockproof Camera

Shockproof Camera

Shockproof Camera AMKOV® AMK5000S vs Famous Brands

Below is the graph result we tested between AMKOV AMK5000S Shockproof Camera with a number of other famous names. Overall you could see AMKOV Shockproof Camera did especially good in camera resolution, screen size design, weight design and yes, the $ 60 price level. For other technological features AMKOV AMK5000S Shockproof Camera did as very close to other famous ones.

***Reminder***  Storage in GB, Battery capacity in mAh, Weight in g, Price in US dollar.

                                    You can enlarge the form by double clicking.

Shockproof Camera

Shockproof Camera AMKOV® AMK5000S Conclusion

So far we have discussed and analysed AMK5000S Shockproof Camera based on using experiences, and compared AMKOV AMK5000S Shockproof Camera with other famous brands like GoPro with technological insights. It seems now AMKOV’s shockproof camera have a number of similar features (e.g. white balance, design, tool kit etc.) to the current leading brand GoPro, but the former is much cheaper than the latter. I guess for AMKOV Shockproof Camera the new enterprise may target the GoPro as their goal.

Shockproof Camera AMKOV® AMK5000S Video



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