Sports HD Camera

Sports HD Camera Amkov AMK7000S 1080P HD 20MP Waterproof

Sports HD Camera Product Introduction

With this Amkov AMK7000S Action Camera in hand, you would be able to take many beautiful, dynamic pictures when diving or surfing. Occasionally, I noticed the newly-released AMK7000S when I was on the internet, knowing that Amkov is a leading Chinese enterprise in camera industry, and the company has 15 years experience in production. After making a through study of this AMK7000S, all I want to say is it’s great value for the money. It has mini size(59 x 41 x 21mm) ,light weight and metal materials (plastic materials in the market has poor heat dissipation). GOPRO hero 3 can be mounted on helmet, bike, car windshield, and other similar objects with the suction cup mount, handlebar mount and helmet mount. So it is really very easy to use and carry.

Sports HD Camera

Sports HD Camera High Camera Quality

Normally, when evaluating the image quality of action cams, resolution is an important criteria. This sport camera has 4K FHD 1080P 60fps,720P 120fps, maximum 240fps video resolution, 20MP, Sunplus 6350 SPCA6350 chipset and OV4689 image sensor. Videos taken by this AMK7000S model are undoubtedly sharper and detailed. Furthermore, you can zoom in (Maximum 4x digital zoom) without losing its sharpness.

Sports HD Camera

With 170 degree wide-angle lens, you can generate close-up shots with this AMK7000S that traditional cameras cannot naturally capture. The time-lapse (1s / 2s / 5s / 10s / 30s / 60s), burst shot, slow motion, screenshot, interval shooting and anti-shake technology also distinguish it from traditional cams, so makes it easily catching the splendid, vivid moments during recording. The front status screen and back HD finder screen can be automatically standby for power flying. The camera has three lights indicating camera working status at different directions. The top and bottom convection hole is very useful for heat dissipation and shooting stability. Speaking of this, the built-in zinc alloy with stable structure also allows for shock-resistance and heat dissipation. Meanwhile, it has a rugged waterproof IP68 case, which is fully compatible with GOPRO hero3. Such case can protect its lenses and other fragile parts efficiently, so enables you to record wonderful underwater videos up to 40 meters depth.

Sports HD Camera

Sports HD Camera Great Connectivity

Controlling the device is quite easy since the camera possesses its WiFi function so enables you to operate or review via your phone or iPad. You just need to download the unique APP (supports Android and iOS). Also, it can be remotely controlled(2.4G) by the watch included in the package.

Sports HD Camera Long Battery Life

Battery life and shape are also important aspects. Equipped with built-in 1150mAh lithium battery, this AMK7000S provides 2.5h of recording time, so much longer than I thought. It even supports maximum 32GB TF card for external storage, thus allowing you to shoot HD videos within a shorter length and longer standard quality videos.

Sports HD Camera

I am now pretty sure this Amkov AMK7000S Action Camera will store your wonderful moments forever.

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