Video Monitor Andoer® 7” Ultra-thin on-Camera FREE Delivery

Video Monitor Andoer® Overview

Video monitor is the most widely used camera monitor in filmmaking and also in the TV field shooting field. In the filmmaking industry, video monitor is used to enhance the video of the recording process, therefore, giving the camera operator a better view of what he is recording. This is a very significant leap in the filmmaking industry. It has advanced functions that give you the perfect visual experience.

Video Monitor

Video Monitor Andoer® Hands on Testing

The video monitor comes equipped with high-resolution full HD 1920*1200; High contrast: 1200:1 and high brightness: 450cd/㎡. It also has a professional peaking focus assist. This helps the camera man to focus on what he specifically wants in the image. The video monitor also has a 160 degrees wide viewing angles IPS panel. It is ultra-thin with only 17mm in thickness. Professional photographers know how important this accessory is to them. The video monitor can be fitted on a camera stand to be connected to the camera. To protect the screen itself, it comes with a nylon exterior. It is also equipped with a shade to provide the best viewing experience outside and also to protect the screen from direct sunlight which could damage if exposed for long.

Video Monitor

The video monitor has a large screen size of 7 inches providing a wide area view of the video. It fits most of the DSLR cameras with a light weight of 278 grams. The video monitor is ideal to operating outside, and it can stand temperatures of -20 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius. It weighs 838 grams when packed. You don’t have to worry that you are adding extra weight to your camera. The video monitor has a DC power connector with an input voltage of DC7 24V. It has an inbuilt speaker, and it can also fit stereo headphones. This means that the camera man can coordinate the audio and the video when necessary. The video monitor is specially designed to merge portability and functionality. It helps you to see your pictures accurately and consistently, and it also gives you the freedom to shoot well from anywhere.

Video Monitor

Video Monitor Andoer® Package

The video monitor comes packaged with a sunshade, a monitor with F970 battery plate, hot shoe support, a hex wrench, a mini HDMI cable, a screw and a user manual. For your best video shooting experience, you should have this video monitor. It will make your job as the photographer easier and richer in quality. You can shoot a video with this monitor for long because you don’t strain to see the video or even to hear the audio.


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