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VR len The reason to have one

Anybody who has had any sort of experience with professional and industry-grade cameras and other shooting equipment would have a very clear idea about how heavy those things can be. So unless you have any sort of previous experience with weight lifting, you are destined to drop all these heavy things. However, life does not always need to be that difficult. With the help of VR len, you will be able to ease up the burden on your shoulders to a pretty large extent. Upon doing that, you will also notice hoe everything around you becomes more lively and cheerful. This is because you would not constantly need to worry or dread about the next time you would have to pick up the heavy stuffs. Therefore, if you are planning on buying a good quality VR len anytime soon and are confused about which one to get, there is nothing to worry about. We have sorted you out regarding that. Just read on below to know more about it.

VR len

VR len Features Testing

A tripod mount ring

One of the major disadvantages of carrying around heavy equipment is that your shoulders would have to bear the brunt of it. Over time, you would come to find out that it can even contribute towards health effects. Therefore, to prevent that from happening, you can simply buy a VR len. With a tripod mount ring, loading and unloading all these equipment has never become easier. In addition, you would also be happy to find out that transportation would literally become hassle-free.

Soft inner ring

Upon closer inspection, you would be able to find a soft inner ring. While that might be pretty to look at and comfortable to touch, there is actually a special reason why that has been included in the design. Thanks to the soft material of the VR len, whatever camera you insert in the VR len would be completely protected from scratches. This would allow you to continuously capture beautiful photographs and videos without having to worry about your lens being damaged.

Design made for easy locking and unlocking

Compared to the other VR len that you would be able to find in the market, this is actually pretty simple to use. You would not be requiring any special online tutorials or a manual handbook to learn how to use the VR len. Thanks to the simplistic and modern design, you would be able to lock and unlock the VR len within a matter of seconds.

VR len

VR len Pros & Cons


  • Tripod mount ring helps in attaining balance
  • You would no longer have to worry about the heavy objects and lens falling or causing an accident
  • Made of high quality metal material
  • Protect your camera lens from scratches thanks to the soft inner material
  • Extremely convenient to use, thanks to the simple locking and unlocking design


  • Particularly suitable only for Nikon camera models

VR len

VR len Final thoughts

To wrap up the whole thing, you can pretty much understand that this would undoubtedly be one of the smarter buys that you make in a pretty long time. Even though this particular VR len would only be suitable for Nikon lens, you would find very few flaws within the VR len.  


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