Wireless Flash YN560III YongNuo LCD Screen & Receiver

Wireless Flash Introduction

Portable wireless flash is a prerequisite for taking pictures in dark situation. Normally, it takes more than one flash as required. The original ones each worth a few hundred euros, so may not the best choice for photography beginners. If I were you, I’ll choose YN560III YongNuo series. It has equal effects with the original version but the former has much less expenses.

Wireless Flash

YN 560 III has a large LCD screen that involves proven instructions. Its flash shoe is positionable standards like some except modules Sony or Minolta.

Wireless Flash

Wireless Flash Powerful Receiver

YN560III YongNuo uses RF-602 / RF-603, a very powerful receiver that integrated support 2.4G Ultra-range. Thanks for these brilliant technologies, now you can receive the trigger signal from hsata 100m distance. This flash can be initiated by set-top camera, 2.4G wireless trigger, s1 and s2.

Wireless Flash

Wireless Flash Advanced Function

YN560-III is equipped with advanced options. You can self-define the functions of speedlite according to your own preference. The current operation settings are automatically saved for the next time use. The focal length can be altered between 24 ~ 105 mm ZOOM button.

Wireless Flash

This wireless flash has a very fast recycling rate. It only takes seconds to take out fully recharged. If the battery used is not new, maybe it takes a bit more time as 4-5 seconds. In addition, PC has YN560III YongNuo port that can connect the camera to synchronize. The various sound modes suggest different working conditions of flash, so you can focus on the process of shooting. YN-560 III offers many more useful features, you can clink the link to explore more!

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