Wireless Remote Control YONGNUO® Flash Trigger Transceiver

Wireless Remote Control YONGNUO® Overview

This wireless remote control is an ideal accessory for your camera. Every photographer had one time gone to the field and got limited by the distance at which they have to trigger the manual shutter release and flash for their camera. Well, this is now not a problem to worry about anymore. With the YONGNUO YN622N-KIT wireless remote control, you can trigger your flash when you are 100 meters away from the camera. This wireless remote control brings convenience and ease to your photography. Assuming you want to take a group photo and you as the photographer want to be included in the photo with everybody else. This means there is no one to trigger the camera manually to take a picture. With this remote flash trigger, you will only have to position your camera and get in the group photo with the others.

wireless remote control

Wireless Remote Control YONGNUO® Hands on

The wireless remote control has an LCD to help you in controlling the menu making it more convenient and easier to use. It also supports the wireless shutter release function. This means you don’t have to time your camera and run to the group to take a photo or risk not getting included in the group photo if your camera does not have the timer function. The wireless remote control has the focal length of the A/B/C groups of flash. This enables the photographer to adjust the focal lengths quickly. The wireless remote control has the support for exposure compensation, red-eye reduction flash, flash zooming and many others. It also comes with a Transceiver Pair Kit for Nikon D70 D80 D90 D200 D300 DSLRs. If you have any of these cameras, then you are in luck.

wireless remote control

The wireless remote control has a remote distance of up to 100 meters, and it can support seven wireless channels. The maximum speed of the flash or shutter release is 1/8000s. It also has a USB firmware upgrade support. The wireless remote control is very light weighing 272 grams only. This means you don’t have to worry about the bulkiness of the package. It functions using two AA size batteries, and it is very efficient in power usage. This doesn’t mean that you can’t carry extra batteries with you. The wireless remote control is better to be safe than sorry. It comes packaged with 1 Transmitter, 2 Remote cables, a receiver and a User manual.

wireless remote control


Next time you want to have the convenience of taking photos within a distance think of the YONGNUO YN622N-KIT Wireless Remote Control 100M I-TTL Flash Trigger. It will make your photography sessions easier and unique.


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