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Photo studio LED 160W 8000k with Barn Door Global Delivery

Photo studio LED Overview

In this world of “constant photo sharing,” we want to preserve, share and cherish extra special moments of our lives with professional and alluring touch, and to click such professional moments, we need professional and suitable surroundings and lighting conditions. Therefore, in order to provide such perfect lighting conditions and surroundings, we have got to use FalconEyes CLL-1600TDX photo studio LED spotlight photography studio video light with barn door CRI95 for our professional and matchless snaps and videos. With its adjustable brightness and adjustable focus, we can get our desired professional pictures and recordings. This photo studio LED is also very beneficial to make professional portraits.

photo studio LED

photo studio LED

Photo studio LED Testing & Features

Unlike other photo studio LED, the photo studio LED has many such features which make it distinctive. The photo studio LED is equipped with DMX512 system and a touchable LCD screen which shows temperature of the LED light, current color temperature and power output. These features are not found in other photo studio LEDs. To avoid overheating, the light has temperature monitoring function to avoid LEDs from overheating. In addition, there is a silent fan equipped for better heat dissipation, and to augment LED’s lifespan. With power output of 160W, changeable brightness, changeable focus (25-60°), high CRI (≥95Ra), the brightness and the color temperature(3000K-8000K) can be easily adjusted through LCD touch screen where a menu appears. CLL-1600TDX is exemplary for professional studio use as it is an essential assistant for video recording, movie making, portrait photography and much more.

photo studio LED

photo studio LED

Photo studio LED Final Words

The photo LED has both manual and touch modes, making it a lot easier for you to capture professional pictures and videos. The temperature monitoring function of the photo studio LED automatically turns off when temperature exceeds 70℃. CLL-1600TDX comes along with a power cable (US plug), a barn door, a black-out cloth and an instruction manual (English-Chinese Bilingual). With all its ideal features, the photo studio LED is all geared up to create professional photographs, portraits and recordings. Those who intend to buy the photo studio LED will definitely end up capturing professional and alluring shots.


Video Light 5500K/3200K 300pcs LED Beads Global Delivery

Video Light Features Hands on Testing

When it comes to shooting projects, you would always need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment in place. Not only that, but it is also important that it be of a good quality. This is because if the equipment is not of a standard quality, then the outcome would also be pretty sub-standard. Now this is something which nobody would like for their projects. Therefore, if you are looking for a very good quality panel, you must have understood how difficult it could be to find one. Not only that, but you also find them to be beyond your price range. This might be enough to put you in a panic mode. In reality, it does not need to be like that. If you are looking for a good quality video light panel, read on below.

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Studio Lighting 5600K 100W LED Fill-in Light Lamp Warranty

Studio Lighting Overview

In terms of studio lighting lights, there would be very few good quality ones that you would be able to find, let alone the high quality ones. Even if you manage to find something of a pretty decent quality, the prices would be listed as being atrociously high. This would be enough to put you off from buying studio lighting.

However, the thing is that it does not always need to be like that. If you search hard enough, you would easily be able to come across some of the best studio lighting lights. Manufactured specifically for one purpose, you would find them to fulfil their job very properly. In addition, these are also some of the most durable things that you would be able to find. That being said, there would be very little scope for you to complain.

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Wireless Remote Control YONGNUO® Flash Trigger Transceiver

Wireless Remote Control YONGNUO® Overview

This wireless remote control is an ideal accessory for your camera. Every photographer had one time gone to the field and got limited by the distance at which they have to trigger the manual shutter release and flash for their camera. Well, this is now not a problem to worry about anymore. With the YONGNUO YN622N-KIT wireless remote control, you can trigger your flash when you are 100 meters away from the camera. This wireless remote control brings convenience and ease to your photography. Assuming you want to take a group photo and you as the photographer want to be included in the photo with everybody else. This means there is no one to trigger the camera manually to take a picture. With this remote flash trigger, you will only have to position your camera and get in the group photo with the others. Continue reading Wireless Remote Control YONGNUO® Flash Trigger Transceiver

Fill Light Mini LED Video Light Waterproof Dimmable Light

Have you ever seen the real underwater world? Maybe you just see it in the pictures. On the photo, you can  see every creature and beauty clearly, all of which are due to waterproof Fill Light. And my favorite is this Portable Multi-functional Diving Waterproof Dimmable Mini LED Video Fill Light.
Fill Light

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Wireless Flash YN560III YongNuo LCD Screen & Receiver

Wireless Flash Introduction

Portable wireless flash is a prerequisite for taking pictures in dark situation. Normally, it takes more than one flash as required. The original ones each worth a few hundred euros, so may not the best choice for photography beginners. If I were you, I’ll choose YN560III YongNuo series. It has equal effects with the original version but the former has much less expenses.

Wireless Flash

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LED Video Light Lamp Panel for Canon Nikon Pentax DSLR

LED Video Light Introduction

Today I’ll present a panel of LED Light Lamp Panel that is compact in design: the body has a dimension of 13.4×9.4×4.5cm with approximate weight of 175g. This panel has160 LEDs, the total power is 12W and luminosity reaches 1280LM. The angle of light is 65 which is wider than most panel found on the market.

LED Video Light

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