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Camera Camcorder Andoer® Shoulder Overview

Videography is a booming business with all companies focusing on how to get the best videos either for entertainment purposes or for pushing their brands. A good video doesn’t only depend on the camera that you used to record it. The comfortability of the camera man and the equipment he uses to balance the camera matters a lot too. If you are recording a video, this means movements will be rampant during the shoot. You will have to position yourself and the camera in a way that you can quickly move with the movements of the cast according to the set. Having support for you camera camcorder comes in handy when you are shooting for long periods.

camera camcorder

camera camcorder

Camera Camcorder Andoer® Shoulder Hands on

The Andoer D100 Aluminum Alloy Camera Camcorder Video Shoulder Mount Kit Film is one accessory that will help you take good quality videos for your production business. Your movements are bound to alter the quality of the video you are recording. If you are continuously shaking, this will be reflected in the video, and this will ultimately lower the quality of your video. This video support for your camera camcorder comes with a perfect video capture platform for you. It has a firm and comfortable hand grips. This means you don’t have to worry about dropping your precious camera while recording. It is also equipped with a soft shoulder pad. It this makes sure that your camera is stable while it is at the chest position.  It is manufactured with an aluminum alloy which this makes it light in weight. These three features help you get comfortable when you are shooting for very long and continuous periods. It is adopted by international standards, and it can fit and install with rail rods of up to 15 mm diameters. To help you mount your camera firmly, it has an anti-skid rubber plate with 1/4’’ screw. This holds your camera in a stable position all through.

camera camcorder

camera camcorder

Camera Camcorder Andoer® Shoulder Package

It comes with a gear ring belt which is suitable for a lens which is less than 100mm in diameter. It also has a matte box. It protects your camera lens from direct sunlight improving the quality of your videos. It also adjusts the light according to your needs. It is equipped with a follow focus to make focusing easier and more convenient. It also has 2pcs of 25cm rail rods to mount the shoulder pad with your camera. It comes packaged with a top handle grip, a support handle, quick release plate, a shoulder pad, a matte box, a top flag and two side flags; one follow focus and a focus ring. This is an accessory that will make your recording experience easier and more comfortable.


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